Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tickled pink, and then green

Why You Can't Tickle Yourself, article.
... But, when the robot introduces a delay of one-third of a second between their left hands moving the stick, and feeling the sponge move on their right hands, suddenly it tickles!

All well and cool, but it doesn't explain:

  • What *is* "being tickled", the sensation? 
  • What is the purpose of it? 
  • Why is the reaction laughter? 
  • Why is it so unpleasant despite the laughter? 
  • Why will so many people torture kids with tickling, despite that they know it's unpleasant? 

... Maybe it's only really unpleasant to Highly Sensitive People?

1 comment:

John D. Linn said...

You questions are the big mystery.