Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sony's upcoming "Lens" camera

Sony's upcoming "Lens" camera.

I've been talking a couple of times about how I'm interested in a large cameraphone with a really good camera, meaning you get the advantage of the big screen for composing pictures, and the phone for manipulating picture, and sending them, etc.

This Sony thing actually seems like a good solution to me, because you will be using your own phone, you don't need a new one. (It should work with both Android and iOS.) The lens/camera also have the sensor (obviously, otherwise the advantage is limited by the tiny size of cameraphones' sensors).

The camera only attaches magnetically. Apparently communication to the phone is via Wi-fi. I'd guess Bluetooth is not fast enough for images.

I would guess these should also work with tablets then. A camera with a high-rez 5- or 7-inch screen should be the bee's knees for composing. (A Samsung Note or a Google Nexus 7 or an iPad Mini.)
And then you can post and blog and whatnot on the same tablet.

Apparently two models are coming, and the big brother has the same lens/sensor as the Sony RX100, which is an excellent choice, it'd be hard to find a better compact camera than that.

If the whole widget works well and smoothly (a big if, since it involves wifi and two gadgets working closely together), I think it sounds kewl.

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