Friday, February 04, 2011

Winter and winter are two different things

Weather is weird: while apparently the US is drowning in winter, here in the UK right now it's virtually spring. Today I can barely have any heat on at all, it's 12 degrees Celsius outside.


Tommy said...

You know, it's not nice to say these things when there are those of us, on this side of the Atlantic, that have HAD IT TO HELL WITH THE SNOW, ICE, WIND, COLD, RAIN, SLEET, and etc..... :-)

Alex said...

Yeah, driving around at lunch it was 65F, had the windows down, the stereo cranked. Almost dined al fresco, but decided not to in the end.

We had some awesome snow falls in December in CA, but we've only had a smattering of rain and are now behind for snow base and reservoir levels. Only 3 months for the rain to catch up before the dry season.

RonC said...

So that's why you are living in the UK, Eolake - the excitement of guessing what the weather will do next......? Yesterday was warm, dry and sunny here - just over the hills from you - and today it has hardly stopped raining and been windy, too !

Alex said...

I'm having fun guessing the weather here too. We had a day when it was in the low 70's in the shade, and now the last three days the days started in the upper 50's and the heating came on in the morning.

Still, clear blue with wispy clouds. All I know is it won't rain after May 15th until Halloween.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Giles said, on Buffy: "I don't know how you can stand the weather around here."
Buffy said: "nice sun every day?"
Giles: "Yes. Dreadful."

I agree. Apart from disliking heat, I'd much rather have variation than "nice weather" every day.

Alex said...

Oh, they were in LA LA land.

It takes all the fun out of summer knowing that you can have that picnic on that day without fear of rain. And knowing every weekend will be glorious you stay home and finish those chores rather than seizing the opportunity of some good weather at last.