Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sheen is off the hook

Charlie Sheen's character on 2.5 is hard-drinking and likes his pills too. It seems like maybe it does not need too much acting for Charlie to portray such a character, if his current juvenile behavior is any indication.


arthur fonzerelli said...

Don't badmouth juvenile behavior, dude!

Kent McManigal said...

It's sad, as I like his show and enjoy the "juvenile" antics. Actually, if he acted more like his character he'd probably be in a lot less trouble. His character is a lot more relaxed than he is. Mr. Sheen seems a bit tightly wound.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Kent, you may just be right.
It seems people who don't care never get in trouble.

Sorry. There's hip juveniles and then there's your regular JDs.

Miserere said...

Well, 2.5 Men has now been cancelled thanks to Charlie Harp...sorry, Charlie Sheen's antics, so that's the end of that.

Bravo for a Network that has the balls to do something like that.

Anonymous said...

Don't be admiring their balls just yet, magnificent though they may be. The show itself hasn't been canceled, only the rest of this season. It's already been renewed through 2012.

TC [Girl] said...

Just saw Kate Walsh's name trend and found this. I didn't know that this "roast" was "in good fun" front of him! "Ouch!" is right! :-(

I've heard that Charlie Sheen has been to rehab since all this hoopla began!

And I guess that Kutcher knocked the debut out of the park!

TC [Girl] said...

AMAZING how, after ALL his antics, he is STILL "rewarded!" I'd be changing my clauses to make them FOOL-proof of such nonsense, in the future! This is NUTS!!!!!