Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looks --> self-confidence --> money?

This article shows the perceived links between looks and earning power. If you are tall, slim, and gorgeous, you are likely to earn more, yeah? Seems so.

However, I had a suspicion that if I read through to the end they would come to the real crux of the matter, and they did: self-confidence. I think the most important factor is not the looks themselves, but the self-confidence they inspire. And while outer factor can make it easier for you to have and project self-confidence, it's really a mental thing which can be built up, not the least by simply getting your job training and doing really good work over time.


mary ann said...

wow..sad but true, I think that is because when we arrive on earth we leave a part of our intelligence and wisdom behind, so of course we go by what is obvious , the physical looks. But, than most creatures and animals also function this way. maybe there is a greater sense in it than we realize, lets hope so..cheers.

Michael Burton said...

I'm too ugly to have self-confidence, and doing a good job over time sounds too much like actually earning the money!

So, thanks, but no thanks. I'll keep looking for a way to get the recognition and money I don't deserve.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Don't tell about it too widely, everybody will want in on it!

Michael Bolton said...

Hey, I wonder...if you had to choose between being really good looking and having a tiny dong or being really fugly but having a huge wang which would you choose?