Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rescued Baby Hummingbird

[Thanks to Kirk]
Talking about hummingbirds...


TC [Girl] said...

Awww! HOPE he was able to be rehabilitated to outside! At any rate, it looks like they made quite the effort to do so! SO CUTE...BOTH of them! :-) You can tame wild hummingbirds, too! :-) (Gawd, I MISS AK! And...notice the 'OSU' t-shirt! You can never get too far w/out seeing one of those! GO BEAVERS! :-) Can't WAIT to check out more pics and stuff from this dude! :-)

Tommy said...

This was really great. I share the concern about it getting back into the wide. We can only hope they were successful.

TC "You can tame wild hummingbirds". There is a link in here that, again, I can't get to. TC, I'd be interested at looking information, can you post the actual link?

Prettly, please with molassas on top? :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Alternatives are or

TC [Girl] said...

OMG are you in for a treat, Tommy! Are ya ready?! So...I'll let you play w/the url shorteners that Eo has provided 'cuz, obviously, Micro Trend seems to be a tad sensitive, methinks (and...there is also - my favorite - but Eo can't seem to open those, successfully, either!).

I bumped into an INCREDIBLE find (methinks!): The hummingbirds are being a GORGEOUS remote fishing lodge (make sure you check out the BEAUTIFUL panoramas that he has done...the [first] Milky Way one, in particular!).

The vid is very nicely done AND...the lodge owner just happens to be AMAZING Wildlife Photographer! What I wouldn't do to go to Alaska, again, and check out this place! Another "Bucket List" item! :-D

Lindy Luvs Wildlife said...

Amazing video. Very heartwarming! I would love to know if the hummingbird made it in the wild and if she stuck close to home. It looks like a perfect outdoor environment for her.

I used to have dozens of hummingbird feeders up until my sons' new cat started catching them. (By the way, CAT SALIVA IS TOXIC to hummingbirds and the birds will not survive without antibiotics if their skin is punctured by a cat's teeth).

Anyway, I wish these two all good luck. What an adventure. Thanks for sharing!

Tommy said...

TC, that was absolutely beautiful. I wonder if you can go there even if you don't like fishing..

Thanks you very much for sharing this.

TC [Girl] said...

Tommy said...
"that was absolutely beautiful."

Yes, I thought all of it was a pretty cool find, myself!

"I wonder if you can go there even if you don't like fishing.

Something I have been wondering, myself! I mean...I don't think that beautiful master bedroom is just for a fishing dude all by himself! lol! I'll contact them and see if I can find out more about that.

"Thanks you very much for sharing this."

You're welcome, Tommy. Glad you enjoyed it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :-)