Sunday, October 31, 2010

This week's films, and Tara McPherson, artist

My DVD rental service's three films this week seems to be all winners, a nice occurrence.

The Hangover, a crazy and funny and outrageous "bachelor party" type comedy.

Get Smart. Not seen much of it yet, but it feel perfectly timed and quite funny. Though not exactly original.

Juno, a youth drama of sorts. Now this one is original. Even seminal.  Seems to be one of those films that simple are "done right". Beautifully filmed, and funny in a subtle way. It has this poster, by Tara McPherson, on the wall. Very impactful. They used the color version for the film.


(Notice it's a balloon, not a sperm, though I'm sure the confusion is on purpose.)

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Anonymous said...

I liked Juno but it took about twenty minutes in for me to really get into it. A lot of the dialog at the beginning sounded really fake and forced. Ellen Page once played a character on Trailer Park Boys when she was younger.