Friday, November 05, 2010

Office for Mac Isn’t an Improvement

Office for Mac Isn’t an Improvement, NYT review.
Wow, that might be the most damning main stream review I've read. I'm glad I'm not a Word/Entourage user, or work on the team who released this.


Ray said...

Being retired for over 20 years now, I don't really need an Office program, but if I do, my choice is the open-source freeware office suite

It does everything you can do with those expensive ones, and it even works with their file types as well as its own Open Document format. It's a good program,and the price is certainly right. It is sponsored by Oracle and formerly by Sun Microsystems - and it works!

Bruce W said...

Another vote for Other advantages include availability for different operating systems, and it uses the "traditional" style for its commands. No "ribbon" that I found confusing and hard to work with when I tried it. Also, exports files to .pdf format without the add-in that the other Word program requires. I switched to for all my work about 2 years ago and could not be happier.

Tommy said...

Ouch! Nice review, NOT :-(