Friday, May 07, 2010

Apple's iPad Pages mini-review (updated)

I said earlier that Apple's Pages word-processor for the iPad is not for professionals. I have now tested it some more, and I feel like saying that it's not even for amateurs. It must be for dilettantes, or summin'.

Although it has advanced features like text flowing around objects in photos, and styles, and useful templates, it's missing basics. Lots of basics, not just a word count function. Hear this:
  1. I can't zoom in on the text. Or rather, there is no "writing" mode, so you can have the text appear as large as you like while you are writing. And the body text is very small.
  2. Apparently, I can select styles like "header 2", but I can't select the font!
  3. Apparently, I can't select the font size either!
I just can't believe these things. WTF? I'm afraid I have to give Apple a failing grade for this.

It seems like, basic as it may be, My Writing Nook is yet the best word processor on the iPad that I know of.

Update: I'm very pleased to announce that in the latest update, the author of My Writing Nook listened to my suggestion and included an un-do feature, and with more than one levels! This is great. Try to catch Apple doing service like that.
And while I'm not used to writing with an app which auto-saves instead of having a Save command (well, apart from Blogger...), MWN feels nice and I think I could get used to it for realsies. I'll give it the ol' college try for sure.

Peter, the author, has an informative blog post here about the app, the iPad, and how he writes himself. I like his thinking. (And after reading around a bit on the Nook site, you realize he's funny too.)


brach said...

You could always give hostage to fortune (Francis Bacon) by committing everything to Google's cloud and Microsoft's evil empire:

The worst possible choice, in the worst of all possible worlds (Gottfried Leibniz). No disrespect intended to Stuart Prestedge of Byte Squared.

It is interesting to speculate what a range of historical figures would have made of an iPad. Newton would doubtless still be lugging his MessagePad around.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, Brach. Last I heard, Office2 was not yet in iPad version. I'll try it out. I love evil empires.