Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leaves at midnight

[I just noticed the title is a pun... "the train leaves at midnight".]

These were a challenge, even with stabilized lens. I took them at about 1/8 second [update: under a street lamp], hand-held, with a 90mm-equivalent zoom setting. I took 33 exposures, and only two were sharp!
I think I prefer the simpler one, what do you think?

I made a version (for print) which I like better yet (not so much the matte as the crop and the tones optimization):

I like the print.
I also like that without any extensive training period, just on general understanding of the principles, with my new cameras/lenses, printer and paper, I'm now making better prints than I ever have, either in darkroom or inkjet.
Today I showed the pillar print to my friend Judy, and she said "wow, that's the clearest photo I've ever seen". And it actually is too for me, in colors, in Light, and in contrast and sharpness. Of course these are merely technical qualities, but I happen to feel very good about the photo too.


The Dissonance said...

Reminds me of that way cool scene in the movie "American Beauty" where the paper bag is blowing around, buffeted by the wind. I was a very moving, suprisingly so, moment.

john said...

I really like the second one. Ethereal. What was the light source?
Very nice.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

There's a street lamp right above it.

I'd honestly expected a better shutter time, since I could pretty much ingnore the black sky, but no, still pretty dull.

Anna said...

Love the last one ! :-)