Thursday, March 13, 2014

MyFonts of the month

Myfonts newsletter has some quite nice fonts this month.


Bronislaus Janulis / Framewright said...

Glad you posted this; I wouldn't have known of your newsletter about fonts. Love them; I tried to do some professional lettering as a young man, but my personal quirks kept interrupting. Still reference many books on lettering, and the fonts they show; my books on sign writing have been a valuable reference, even for the frames I craft. Lettering and framewrighting have certain parameters they must conform to.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you, good to hear.
It's not my own newsletter, though. It's just one of my periferal interests.

Merle said...

I recently read "JUST MY TYPE" by Simon Garfield. Very interesting. Helped me be a bit more aware of differences and font usage. Also, that it's designing fonts is one of those embedded (maybe?) professions that none of us directly pay for so we value it less than we possibly should.