Saturday, January 04, 2014

Jim Tardio photos, and a tiny zoom lens

Jim Tardio Photos
I was fortunate to spend the week before Christmas in Rome, Italy. The weather was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the people of the Eternal City were gracious and inviting. I also got the chance to try my new Panasonic GX-7 camera coupled with the new 12-32 pancake zoom lens.

Great light in his photos.

I took a look at the brand new Panasonic super-compact 12-32mm (24-63mm equivalent) zoom for M4/3, and it is impressive. Both Panasonic and Olympus are making some gargantuan steps in miniturising lenses without sacrificing image quality. (In fact, the reviews of this tiny lens are damn good.)

A "pancake" zoom lens. My world is shook, I thought not it could'est be done. 


TC [Girl] said...

A "pancake" zoom lens. My world is shook, I thought not it could'est be done.

I know; sounded like an oxymoron, to me!! :-P

Ken said...

It has always seemed that when a zoom went below 28mm equivalent it became a lot bulkier. Seems things have changed. I like 24mm on 35mm they give a lot more wide-angle effect without appearing distorted.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, 24mm is a very nice, wide view, very useful.

When they got rid of the mirror (the Reflex part of Single Lens Reflex, SLR), it became much easier to make good wideangle lenses, which by nature want to be very close to the sensor.