Monday, December 16, 2013

Paid employments

All paid employments absorb and degrade the mind.
 - Aristotle

Aristotle had a first class mind, but I really disagree with this one. Maybe it's true for some, or many, kinds of employment. But I have had at least thee major employment relationships which were nothing but good for me. Which paid me the money I needed, where I was of very good service to my employer, and where I learned a lot, generally about dealing with people, but also things about what we worked with, like using computers, or even linguistic skills, and a bit about navigating the business world. 

Sure it's true that we are all equal, and that the senior/junior relationship is artificial. But heck, what is not artificial in this world? If you simply don't take things too seriously, and if you do your job well and there is mutual respect, and if you make sure that you don't let anybody push you into areas you don't want, then there need be no problem at all. 

A period of employment can be a great learning period, and it can even be a way of life for those who don't have the desire to be self-employed, who is more interested in things which won't earn them  money. The employment is great, because you need not take your work home with you, and in spare time you're free to do your thing. 


Anonymous said...

He was probably from an upper class wealthy family, so it was easy for him to look down on schlubs who had to work.

basil said...

Some methinks are more equal than others!