Sunday, December 15, 2013

35mm quality

I was looking at a picture from this iPhone 5s-shot series on my 30-inch screen. And I recalled how before digital cameras I thought I didn't have gear which were up to "landscape" pictures like that, with the details. But these look nice. Not bad at all.

We compare them to photos by a current Real Camera, and they're a bit less in resolution and low-light performance, so they may feel slightly second-tier. OK. But it struck me: they are really at least as good as what you got with a 35mm camera and normal color film! (Maybe with Kodachrome and a Leica you could do better, but that's an exception, very expensive and needing a tripod most of the time.)

That is really mind-bending, when you remember that the camera is a pea-sized pod sitting in the corner of a hand-device which is a powerful computer and can communicate globally.

If twenty years ago I had seen what we now have in digital photography, I might have killed myself from sheer impotent frustration that I couldn't get it there and then.     :-)


Peter said...

Yes, I agree. See my comment on Mike Johnson's blog. I don't want to go the iPhone path (get away from me, Apple!) but I carry an Olympus E-PL3 at all times in my small carry bag (with all my other junk you have to carry these days).
Loving digital :-)

Peter said...
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