Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities"

This seems like a very interesting book, Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities. The book for those who love good tools. (It doesn't only talk about physical tools, also principles, review sites, etc.)

Sadly it is not yet available in ebook format, which I'd prefer for legibility and portability. But looking inside it, one can understand that the transfer will be a lot of work indeed. Even on the currently biggest iPad (10-inch), those pages will require zooming in. And for converting it be read on a Kindle...!

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Ken said...

Very reminiscent of the Whole Earth Catalogs of the late sixties and seventies. Hopefully they will do well, but I wonder in the age of the internet whether it will sell a lot of copies, although there is something nice about just browsing a book.