Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Emerging canine artist"

[Thanks to Bert]

A fresh new vision appears from a new, non-human artist.
Introducing Half-Chewed Cole Haan Wingtip by the emerging canine artist, Jack. This unique presentation of a meticulously destroyed dress shoe is the first of its kind by Jack. The piece features absent toe and vamp portions of the shoe, removed through a secret chewing process, known only by the artist, with razor-like precision but requiring brute strength. 

It is uplifting to see that the recognition of the creativity of our fellow species is coming on. Aesthetics has no limits.

If a dog can make money on the Internet, maybe there's hope for you too.

But then there's the question: Do you have the teeth and jaw muscles it takes to chew straight through shoe leather?!

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TC [Girl] said...

ROFLMAO!! TOO FUNNY!! LOVE it!! Well...there's something to..."chew" on; "can I get those muscles up to snuff to qualify for such an endeavor..." That is the question that I'll ask the Dentist, today!! :-D