Friday, September 13, 2013

Strange phenomena on Twitter

Here is one of those little straaaaange things I meet sometimes on the Net.
I have one tweet which by far is the one which gets "favorited" by others. I have no idea why, because it's the least likely to be so. It does not even make sense on its own:

... It only makes sense if one has read the preceding couple of tweets from me, about a long series (16?) of VERY, VERY LOUD explosions which happened one night at 4am a couple months ago, 200 meters from where I sleep.
The strangest thing was that apart from like 8 people discussing it on a discussion web site, it got NO ATTENTION AT ALL! ... a couple of days the newspaper had a small mention about "a fire on parked trucks", but no mention of any explosions. And I was not kidding they were loud. They woke up people living more than 2 miles away.

I went down there as it happened (well, the explosions had ended after a minute or two) (with the trusty RX100 with low-light power), and the day after:

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