Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Steam Noir", a café

Shis showcases both the wonderful detail of HD video (cartoons), and the same of the iPad 3's screen (as well as some other new tablets). Screenshots get much larger when seen on normal monitors, because of the tiny pixels on the 'pad.

The full sized version is here. (Blogger only goes to 1600 pixels.)

In screenshots from video the high-rez iPad, in other words, I have found a new source of wallpaper pictures. That's great for somebody like me, who has a wild appetite for new visual stuff.

I could note that live-action video, even in HD, generally is not as sharp and detailed as animation (flat or CGI), because it deals with cameras and movements and light and depth of field, whereas cartoons are made in a fully digital process. See, hereunder is a shot from Arrested Development in HD. And I looked for the best frame I could find, with the least motion blur and blown highlights and such. (It really is a science to make really good film/video.) (Full size.)

... Of course this does not mean that live-action HD is *bad*, it rather means that animation HD is astounding.

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Dave Nielsen said...

I find digital HD cartoons too slick. I miss the human touch. I'd say that's age, but you're older than I am.