Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Melanie Masson's audition - Janis Joplin's Cry Baby

[Thanks to Signalroom7]

If you didn't like the little hardcore thrash-rock singer we had recently... or if you liked her... I think you'll like this. Don't miss this. Be surprised!

The song starts at around 1.40, but it's much more fun if you see and hear her first for contrast.
I knew, and I think everybody did, within one second that here was an extraordinary singer.


Franklin Richards said...

She's good, but she's just imitating Janis Joplin instead of doing her own take on the song. If money could be made as an impersonator, as there is with Elvis impersonators, she'd have it made.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I think her version is way better than the Janis'. (Sorry, Janis fans.) Her "cry" has so much power.

I have a feeling she can do a lot of other things too.

Franklin Richards said...

Even if you think her version is better, she's still basing it on someone else's performance.

But, of course, it's not better. And I'm not even much of a Janis Joplin fan.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Pardon me, I should have said "I like it better". Nothing as subjective as art.

Dave Nielsen said...

The original version isn't always the best. I like Janis' version of Ball and Chain (especially the version live from Monterey), and Jerry Lee Lewis' version of Great Balls of Fire, better than the originals by Big Mama Thornton.

That said, although this woman does a very good Cry, I still like Janis' better because she drew on emotions that this Melanie Masson - who seems to be pretty happy, and has a family, etc. - doesn't have. Janis probably would have traded her talent for happiness.

Dragonsbane said...

I don't think that she is imitating Janis. I think she has a real talent to sing. Many many singers started by doing a song someone else had already recorded, and then as they became more successful wrote their own songs. Some worked with someone else that wrote the songs that they then made famous. Not everyone can write a killer song.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that she is imitating Janis.

Of course she's imitating Janis.