Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hockey Z-9; Isabella the marauder

This Phineas And Ferb sequence is one of the most inventive ever. It is so packed with details and jokes, I don't think anybody will get it all at once.
Notice little girlscout, sorry, "Firesite Girl" Isabella taking out big bully Buford at around 0.42. I love her, she is the only one who is not the least bit afraid of Buford. She is small, very feminine (her hockey marauder costume is pink!), very romantic (hopelessly in love with Phineas), yet at the same time she is probably the strongest and toughest and most competent character in the series.

By the way, hard rock 'n roll, the most violent hockey game ever... this is a Disney show??


Anonymous said...

Hockey, combined with curling? What a horrible future!

TC [Girl] said...

I like Isabella; I get her!! :-D

I think that double-bladed hockey stick is kind of cool! :-)