Saturday, August 31, 2013

The age of video drones

I think that in film making, most crane-shots, as well as most helicopter shots, will very soon be replaced by remote-controlled-drone shots. It's much cheaper, and much more flexible, the small drones can go so many places cranes or choppers can't.
See examples here, notice especially the third video, play it full screen.

With which other method would you like to have your
camera sweep right in front of a rushing train?

Of course, as with anything else exciting happening ever, there is already talk about outlawing drone photography. God forbid any of them should catch us picking our nose.


Bru said...

I was shopping for a bicycle and saw a video from a bike shop in New York that was partly shot with a drone. At a little after 3 minutes you can see the shadow of the drone in the video. The ending, with the drone, a bird, and a dog, is funny.

The future is arriving very quickly.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes. I suspect it's the most outstanding feature of this age: the insane change rate.

Anonymous said...

The rate of change is not any faster today, probably slower. These advances are just the inevitable result of tinkering. The big advances are over, at least for a while.

Anonymous said...

Recent music video for Phoenix filmed in one shot by a small quad.

Flies very high above and very close to the musicians, no shadows, can't even see any air turbulence.