Saturday, August 31, 2013

Government spying

I can't believe that prez Obama stood up and defended the wholesale spying of goverment agencies on their own people. And having the nerve to say it's all "transparent", when nobody had been told about it!
How did Rush Limbaugh disguise himself as Obama? They don't look anything alike!

I hope this blows up bigger than Watergate, it's at the friggin fundamentals of civil rights. The government already have more power than anybody else. If we also grant them the rights to do anything they want in secret, then nobody has rights left.


Anonymous said...

This is what all governments are doing. They say it's to protect "the people." What they mean is, it's there to protect them from any people who might want to create fundamental change, either in economic realities or political realities. 7 billion people, a few hundred governments, and a few thousand international corporations, and this is what it boils down to: We're stuck in this boat, which we know is sinking but all we know how to do is bail on the most vulnerable.

Ol' Ben said...

Or from any who might want to PREVENT a fundamental change of power from the common folks over to the elite insiders.

Anonymous said...

You guys should go back on your medication.