Thursday, August 18, 2011

Audio Pod Chronicles

Len Edgerly is one of my favorite podcasters, he's exceptionally intelligent, and almost always interesting, despite having many interests.

Audio Pod Chronicles seems to be discontinued. But I'm just listening to show 30, The Art of Interviewing (scroll down on the page), and it's very interesting. I've read and listened to many, many interviews, and I've done many interviews on both sides of the mic/keyboard, and I find it's an excellent form of journalism if done right. If done poorly it's meaningless, but if done well, it's entertaining and enlightening, it's less work for the journalist, it's fun and free publicity for the interviewee, and it's interesting to the reader/listener. 

A photo Len took yesterday:

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Len Edgerly said...

Thanks, Eolake! Much appreciated.