Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Why The Daily Is So Yesterday

Why The Daily Is So Yesterday, article by Adam Engst.
"In the end, The Daily feels like just another swing at defining what an iPad news app can do, with few new ideas and mediocre usability. With shallow, wide content from a single source, it ignores the way journalism and reading has changed in the age of the Internet. It’s a pretty digital face on a publishing approach from the 1980s."


Alex said...

Not at all. I would believe that with the internet people are reading wider and shallower than they did when they had a couple of daily's and a weekend magazine they bothered to browse. Having a single, wide source is just streamlining the deal.

What I want from an electronic daily is one that will not only that will read it for me, but auto post a response with my typical political bias and nay say the next five responses to my post.

That way I'm free to do the real things like raise a family and go to work.

Unknown said...

Amazingly enough, the world still spins without google. It may be that thought will make a comeback.

todd bridges said...

Newspapers should be allowed to die. We don't still have town criers or a pony express.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly enough, the world still spins without google.

Probably not the way to look at it. The Earth as a barren, lifeless rock would still spin.