Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pop mag reporting

Just a little example of how one should read pop magazines: the clip below is from the gadget magazine T3, the January 2011 edition. It waxes poetic about how fantastic the new Motorola Xoom tablet and its software is.
I'm sure it'll be good, but the problem is, nobody has seen it yet, or tested it. Also the super-OS it runs, Android Honeycomb, has not been seen or tested yet by anybody. Lame "reporting". I wonder if it's an "all ad" magazine, with companies buying article space with their ads?

The whole magazine is full of enthusiastic reports of amazing technologies which, if one is critical, nobody has actually seen yet, like the Blackberry Playbook, the astounding new 4G mobile network, etc. I'm sure it's very exciting reading for those who don't know what they are reading about.

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