Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Troll II

Troll II is famous for being one of the worst-rated movies in history. And not for nothing. Everything about it is so bad that my toes never have time to uncurl, and every few minutes I actually physically cringe at the pain of the clich├ędness of it. I'm not kidding, I can't even help it. It really is hard to watch.
It's funny, I actually have difficulty using the word "movie" about this thing, it degrades the word.       :-)

I think the one thing it has going for it is some real purty actors. Apart from that, it is good in that it gives one lots and lots of chances to feel superior when watching it. That's good fun. (Oh, and actually the cameraman was very competent, though you don't often notice for the horrible editing.)

The really amazing thing, though, is that it just gets worse and worse  as it goes on. Truly entertaining. And there's not a grain of irony in it.

I'm looking forward to watching the documentary about it, Best Worst Movie. I haven't seen so many, but there's indeed reason to believe that as bad movies go, this may be the ne plus ultra.

That's the only expression this guy has. 

By the way, the chick in the glasses, I kept wishing to see her without the make-up. Lo and behold, near the end we do, and yes, she's a smoking hottie! Oh, and she is also the one actor in the flick who knows what kind of movie she is in, and over-acts accordingly, adding intentional humor to the tonnes and tonnes of unintentional humor. 


Kent McManigal said...

So bad even MST3K wouldn't be able to save it?

Anonymous said...

and yes, she's a smoking hottie!

More like a very cute girl-next-door.