Friday, February 18, 2011

Tilt adapter

I got me a Lensbaby "Tilt Transformer", which will let you put a Nikon lens on a M4/3 body and tilt it to change the apparent depth of field.
There's no precision adjustments, so it's a little fiddly (and focus and aperture are manual), but then it's less than 1/5th of the price of a Nikon tilt lens, and you can use different focal lengths on it.
Below is tilt along the plane of the subject, and then opposite that plane, which is popular at the moment to make things look like tapletop photos. It's a Nikkor 24mm F:2.8, first at F:11 and then F:2.8

With the modern lenses without an aperture ring (Nikon G lenses), you have to adjust the aperture by unlocking the lens and turning it, which is less than optimal, so I used one of my old-time lenses.

Here is a wiki article about tilt (and shift) lenses/photography. It's not that weird once you get your head around the geometry.


Philocalist said...

Good to know that you've found something to stretch the old grey matter for a while :-)
I've still got me a clutch of fine old(?) large format cameras that I take out to play now and again ... or if the need crosses me for PROPER quality ;-)
Somewhere within the stash are 4" x 5" toys from Toyo, Wista and Sinar, with a hanfull of lenses and attachments (complete with a 'proper' tripod and head that will happily support MY weight rigidly!)
And if I want to get REALLY serious I'll dust off what is without doubt the biggest bargain I'll ever get off eBay ... I paid a few pounds for a box of 'photo-junk', close enough to make collection realistic ... a few nice goodies in there ... complete with a 10" x 8" camera with lenses, the camera being a custom job from a guy called Richard Ritter in the States!
It's criminal, really, to have stuff like this in a cabinet, mostly unused but very much cherished ... great fun to use, if you know how ... but bloody expensive to feed! :-)

Eo: you might like this? :-) :

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, looks cool.

Yes, large format film photography is very demanding of time and money for sure.

Anonymous said...

... but bloody expensive to feed! :-)

Yes, but the monetary sacrifice charges your photos with a magical quality that the ¢0.0002 digipix can never touch.

The easier the snapping, the more blasé the outcome.

Philocalist said...

You're absolutrly correct of course, though in truth I was being a bit flippant about the cost: via the ubiquitous ebay I can usually source film stock for the 4 x 5 at very reasonable cost :-)
I can remember buying 35mm Kodachrome, or later the Fuji equivalent: I seem to recall it was around £7-8 a roll, yet I can put through maybe a dozen trannies at this size for that price, or even more mono if the whim takes me.
The trade-off is that you have a far superior, more considered result.
Strangely enough, the point you raise about it being demanding of time is quite relevent, though perhaps not for the reasons you intimate: I actually find myself migrating towards a day with these cameras when I want to MAKE time ... it can get very absorbing, and usually lets my mind switch off and work on auto for a while, processing stuff in the background, frequently with surprising outcomes!