Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So, the Verizon iPhone is real

Rumors about an iPhone in the USA outside of AT+T have been flying for years. Now it's finally here.
Analysis by MacObserver. Apple's Tim Cook has said:
“In every case, in foreign countries, where Apple changed from exclusive agreements with carriers to non-exclusive agreements, market share went up. The only remaining exclusive agreements with carriers are the U.S., Germany and Spain.”

I know for sure that I'm happy that we can and could get iPhones here in the UK with a choice of carrier and without a contract, only pay-as-you-go, which is much more reasonable for people who don't phone all that much but use the gadget for, I dunno, games, reading, web shopping, car navigation, whatnot.

Many have wondered what took Apple so long. Here's one reason:
The Verizon-compatible iPhone departs from the model that’s available from AT&T and other carriers around the world because it supports CDMA technology. All other iPhone models ever shipped only support GSM wireless technology, which isn’t compatible with Verizon’s CDMA network.

Another one has been speculated that until now, Verizon has made demands that Apple would not mean, which might be that they wanted to install their own apps as default like many cell phone carriers do.

Ooh, I wish we had this here, I could have saved time and money on getting a Mifi:
...it will offer MiFi-style tethering...

A "Mifi" is a portable wifi hotspot, very small, which can make your laptops or iPad go wireless anywhere there's cell phone coverage. I have been wondering why my iPhone could not do that, it has all the hardware necessary.


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