Sunday, January 09, 2011

Article on GQ

I found this old article while searching the phrase "tres jolie, Coco". What an amazing article, so bitter, so sarcastic. But at least it proved to me I'm not the only one who feels that pop magazines are unbearably superficial.

"From the profile of DMX, the "next Tom Cruise": "Spend time with DMX and soon enough the rapper mystique falls away. What you are left with is someone who seems utterly genuine -- someone as vulnerable as he is occasionally vicious, who can say and do only what he feels in the moment -- and you are struck by how rare that is." Subsitute DMX with, say, "Brendan Fraser" or "Hugh Grant" or "Whoever the Fuck" and this could be any celebrity profile written in the last ten years. Mwaa, mwaa, mwaa Charlie Brown, mwaa mwaa Linus, mwaa mwaa mwaa DMX, mwaa mwaa Kate Hudson, mwaa mwaa mwaa."

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Ray said...

If we judged most celebrities by what we read about them in those pop magazines, we'd have to assume that one of the essential criteria for being a celebrity is to have a personality no deeper than a coat of paint.