Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rope swing

I've just started watching The Bridge to Terabithia, and so far I'm enjoying it. (I see it's based on a book but I never read it.) Solid fantasy story (I'm usually not into fantasy), and all the actors are Ab Fab.

Update: Unlike Narnia and such, most of the story takes place outside of the Magical Kingdom, and I think it's a very good story. When the magical stuff starts to happen though, it has some very kool creatures, and excellent effects to make them. Very nice.

Two kids are using a rope swing from a big tree over a stream, and I was reminded of one we had in our garden. It was over the lawn in our big Weeping Willow, and it was used so much that there was not a blade of grass in a wide circle under it! I think it didn't even have a bar at the bottom for sitting, but it had a very big knot you sort of sit on when you were still a kid and small and light.       :-)

Lord, how much fun that was, just this simple rope. Either when we were a bunch just hanging out and chatting, or when I was alone, just thinking. I remember I would swing in a circle and get to the tree with my legs, and then push off into the opposite circle and get to the tree from the other side and so forth. I enjoyed the precision I could do this with after some practice. As well of course as simply the joy of the movement.

And it was good for something to do while thinking. I am an over-thinker, it's compulsive. My mom said I was "born an adult", I was never the carefree kid. Even at two or three I would stand in the playpen, looking very seriously out at the world through the bars, trying to figure everything out. Haha!

Oh, by the way, another thing I did aaaaall the time was climb. I think I spent more time in tree tops than I spent sitting in chairs.


Andreas Weber said...

I agree about the quality of film and actors. Regarding special effects: the making of explains that the the plain gray squirrels actually are CGI, too. (The film was shot in New Zealand, where they don't have these critters ... They had to flip some overhead views of traffic, as well.)
I especially like the occasional "minor" CGI (like the bubbles when Jesse listens to Leslie's homework about scuba diving)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Oh cool.

And also it is not a Major CGI movie. It is not Van Helsing. It all looks real and down to earth, and most of it pretty much is.

Anonymous said...

That's what special effects are supposed to be like - used in mostly unnoticed ways to add something to the movie, not be its focus and reason for existing.

I hope you've finished it by now. Kind of a bummer of an ending, huh? Just shows how good it was, that you actually care about these characters.

Michael Burton said...

"Even at two or three I would stand in the playpen, looking very seriously out at the world through the bars, trying to figure everything out."

"Why am I in this cage? Did I commit a crime? Am I morally culpable if I don't remember the crime? Or if I didn't know it was a crime? On what basis was my unknown action made a crime, and by whom? How did they get the authority to say what is, and is not, a crime? And don't I get to make one phone call?"

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Haha, exactly.

The way children are treated!