Saturday, December 18, 2010

Round things

Apropos moons, I'm watching the movie Moon, and I recommend it. That is, if you like slow, intellectual science fiction. You know, the kind which doesn't have Arnold Schwarzenegger being kung-fued by Sharon Stone in spandex.

I don't know who made the photo below, it's an orphan. But it's very kewl. And btw, it reminds me of one of the quite few silly distractions I like on the iPad, Uzu. It makes really amazing effects around your fingertips.

Andreas points to TinEye for a tool for finding an author. Thanks. The bubble was photographed by Richard Heeks. More of the bubble set.


Bruce said...

I happened to see Moon in a theater when it first came out. I liked it. It's not a big budget movie. It's not a groundbreaking movie. It's not a high concept movie. But what it does, it does well. All of the pieces - story, acting, effects - fit together well.

Unknown said...


Another photographer who does amazing things with macro photography is "Lord V" whose pictures can be found here: