Sunday, December 12, 2010

23 devices my iPhone has replaced

[Fair warning: gear fanboy post]

23 devices my iPhone has replaced, article.

Somebody said to me: "I guess you take your iPhone with you whenever you go out?" 
I said: "Of course. It's my phone. It's my camera. It has my current reading. It's an iPod. It's a video player. It's a podcast player, video or audio. It's a word processor if I bring a foldable keyboard."

And those are just the most obvious uses. There are many I only use occasionally, and many, many more I could use if I had the need or even knew about them.

This is not just about Apple, for all I care, you can include other brands of smartphones. But I just can't get around how astonishing these devices are. And what's more, most things they do well. Where not limited by screen size, they typically do things at least as well as the (typically expensive) device they replace.

Larose said:
Here's an example. Amazing !
"10 Terrific iPhone and iPad Musical Performances"

Thanks, good stuff. I really liked the first performance. And take note of the ocarina app in the second one. Some amazing features which could on happen in the Net age. 


Lars Rosenquist said...

Here's an example. Amazing !
"10 Terrific iPhone and iPad Musical Performances"

neeraj said...

Do you know the Sci-Fi story "The Age of the Pussyfoot" by Frederik Pohl (1969)?

There a mobile device called "Joker" is described ... it seems we are approaching to that, at least partially ;-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I don't think I've read that. What is that device?

Anonymous said...

But they still haven't added the feature most Apple fans want - you can't easily have sex with it.

TC [Girl] said...

A LOT of COOL vids, larose; thanks for sharing! :-D

neeraj said...

sorry, I was a few days not here ...

The "Joker" is like a mobile phone, connected wirelessly with a global data network, and does simply all of your data exchange needs in all areas of life.

Additionally it has some "nice" features not yet implemented fully nowadays, like medical supervision, spraying you with psycho-drugs if "needed", for example also aphrodisiac drugs (anonymous is missing that ;-)) ... things like that, I don't remember all.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


Algis Budrys' book Michaelmas has an interesting AI, globally connected and globally influential.

Anonymous said...

It also replaces EOlake's anal vibrator.

Unknown said...

Geezer that I am, I'm proud to say that I DONT have or own 23 items for an iphone to replace ;-)