Sunday, November 07, 2010

MacBook Air, what's its place?

The new MacBook Airs are getting very warm receptions. (Another one here.)  The are better, lighter, faster, and much cheaper than their forefather.
I agree. I have the 11-incher. I have always wanted something that size with a full keyboard. And it's amazing to hold just 1 kilo's worth of full-powered laptop in your hands. The smallish but high-rez screen is delicious too.

But will it replace your regular laptop? Andy sez not. Why not? Because most people these days use their laptop as their main computer, and the Air ain't that. It's too limited. Basically, it's the 21st century laptop (I added this). It's what a laptop can be when it's not your main machine like in the old days, when you are willing to be without high storage and such for a few days. And seen as that, I think it's a bulls-eye.

Of course the iPad can do a lot of that stuff too, and it's simpler and even lighter. But hey, what's wrong with choice?       :-)

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ttl said...

But hey, what's wrong with choice?

The impetus to choose. By presenting choices you are delegating work to me –- work which I may not have a desire to carry out.