Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cemetery sculpture

Cemetery sculpture.

Marcelo pointed to Staglieno Cemetary, Italy.
Woa. Bosoms and death. If ever there were a recipe for success...


George said...

Wasn't something similar on display in the Louvre (a hermaphrodite...)?

Ray said...

It's a dying art - unlike when I was a kid growing up across the street from the town's local 'boneyard'.

It those days (1930s/40s) graves had fancy headstones and sometimes the prosperous ones had white marble cherubs or angels standing watch at the four corners of the plot, or a little hedge around it, to separate it from others nearby.

Now, headstones are discouraged and they want everything flush with the ground, so it won't slow down the grounds keepers with their ride-em mowers. Cemeteries had a lot more class in the old days, and so did their inhabitants.
They made good neighbors, too.

Marcelo Metayer said...

Watch this: Staglieno Cemetery, Italy

Bronislaus Janulis / Framewright said...

A book by my friend, Walter Arnold: