Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Google goggles

Embryonic technology, but very promising.


Alex said...

Wow, San Francisco in the sun! That doesn't happen often ;-)

(for the rest of you - it's a very foggy place)

TC [Girl] said...

September is the BEST month to go to the city. For one, the tourists have "toned down" a bit so a little bit more elbow room.

Take BART to the city; catch the cable car, down a block from there, and head to the wharf; it's a fun way to get there! Have a shrimp sammich or eat a freshly-cooked crab w/sourdough bread.

There are GOBS of stores to check out; art galleries; street preformers; to Alcatraz Island where Clint Eastwood starred in 'Escape from Alcatraz.'

If you can, go for a spin around the bay in a sail boat, stopping at Angel Island for a picnic lunch and a bike ride around the island. Sailing the Bay is one of *the* most beautiful ways to see the city on the way back to shore (Alameda)!

Heck, no; I don't miss the area a bit! :-/

Alex said...

Did you notice the 3-D mode on Google maps "streetview"?

When you get the streetview on-scree, right click and select 3-d mode.

We've seen examples in Manchester and Palo Alto, don't know where else it's available.