Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Multitasking is a lie - your brain needs a break

Multitasking is a lie - your brain needs a break, article.
A long article, but a very worthwhile one.

"You shouldn't be afraid of boredom. Boredom serves a purpose, whether or not those few minutes you spend free from pursuing goals and sensory stimulation is actually cleansing your brain of foul ichorrs and humours. It's just good to let your mind off of its leash and run around free for a few minutes. That's when creativity happens. [...] 
All that's really required is that you carefully observe yourself as you interact with the world. Ask yourself 'Why did I excuse myself from a fine meal with good friends so that I could close the bathroom door behind me and spend a little time harvesting fake crops on my make-believe farm?'"

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