Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clearing out stuff

I'm in a project of clearing out unneeded stuff. Space-wise, I'm about halfway now, and it feels great. Much more space in my home now.
I'm looking forward also to have cleared out and sorted all the old junk I've been having stuffed away in the multitude of closets in this place. (Really, six huge closets.) That'll free some attention units for sure.
A friend is working with a charity for battered women, they get most of the benefit, so that's kewl too.

One more benefit is it forces you to make decisions about your life. Like: "I haven't used or even thought of this thing for years now. Realistically, is it really something I need or want in the future?" Whatever the answer is, it makes it clearer in your head, instead of this blurry indecision which is a black hole for attention.

A tricky point will be finding some sort of sorting system for all the gadgets and gadget accessories (chargers, sleeves, cords...). I have two shelves filled with them, and I can never find anything in there. But I just don't know how to sort it so it'll become easier.

Another tricky point which will also feel freeing when finally done, is sorting out the stacks of paper which have built up. Official information of various kinds which I might need, or not, things I might decided to use soon, etc. It holds a mystery in the minds as to what is really in those stacks, and surely at least 80% can just be tossed now, and the rest filed or done something about. It can be a little stressing, for there was a reason it got pushed away. But so much better when it gets done. 

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Tobias said...

There was something about this problem (guess in a novel by Cory Doctorow) -
some folks tagged such devices with tiny RFID stickers and put it just anywhere afterwards. Then, via a database in a computer, they told their RFID reader the signature and they could find it in an instant. Cheap solution and no hassle ever again...