Friday, August 06, 2010

UK Kindle store

Amazon has just launched their UK Kindle book store, which means bigger book selection for us UK (and European?) customers, and also means we now can get magazines, blogs, and newspapers on the Kindle, like US customers have been able to for a while.
Oh, and in case you have an iPad but no Kindle, don't forget that their free Kindle app for iPad allows you access to all that content, including a million older but free books.  And beyond that, some Kindle ebooks now include video, which plays on the iPad but not on the Kindle's own e-paper display (it won't update fast enough to show video). I guess this also works in the Kindle apps for Mac and Windows machines (less sure about the Kindle apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android). 

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Kindle store uk said...

how i can buy the kindle free e book i am from Pakistan have any one way for the using it in Pakistan.