Friday, July 23, 2010

India's iPad rival to cost $35

India's iPad rival to cost $35, article.
It's too early to say whether this specific device will go places, but there's no doubt that more of them will come, and that the pad will get competition, perhaps serious competition, from below.

If it was me, I would focus on a few features it would do well, like text and networking, and then forget about the 10,000 features you can't do well in a super-cheap device.


KC Aussie said...

The iPad's touchscreen alone has been estimated to cost $95 by some sources (

Yet even this figure is probably too low because Apple said in it's recent earnings conference that outside estimates of its hardware costs were too low.

Apple is obviously getting all the parts to make the iPad at near rock bottom prices due to its huge economies of scale.

So, based on this information I find the article's claim of a $35 touchscreen tablet a bit hard to believe.

ttl said...

When Apple introduced the iPad all of a sudden other companies saw the light an immediately went to their drawing boards to create a me-too-Pad.

So, 1st quarter next year expect to see a stream of pad announcements from all the major players and some not so major.

It is the not so major on ones and oddballs like this one that may come up with the most interesting products, however.

Anonymous said...

I think they had a surplus of balsa wood this year, and figured out how to make really smooth and shiny.

The red button on the front is the reset button, right at the top of the forehead, er, screen.