Friday, July 16, 2010

Free iPhone 4 cases (updated again Saturday)

Update: the video is already up!
One of the first things Jobs shows, is videos they made of three other good and popular phones doing exactly the same thing. I must say, quite convincing. Nobody made any hullabaloo out of these phones.
And by the way, convincing argument for either holding your phone lightly, or getting a case.
Update: return rates for the iPhone 3Gs was well below industry average. And for iPhone 4 they are only a third again of that! I can believe it. Even though I'm not in the central target audience for a mobile phone because I work from home, I must say that I really love this dang phone. Just as an object, the screen, the quality, everything, it's just lovely. I can't wait to see what the iPad 2 will be like.

Original post:
Apple is right now having a press conference about "antennagate", and despite less than one percent complaints, as TTL tells me:
Good news for the i{Phone|Pad} case collector! Jobs just promised free cases for everyone who bought an iPhone 4. Not a bumper. You can pick your choice from several 3rd party designs. 

Going all the way, pretty classy. They could easily have gone with just their own bumper "case", which must be really cheap to produce. But by going "above and beyond", they have a very good chance of turning the recent sour mood around.
Wired article.  (Man, they move fast!)

I wonder which designs they'll offer.
("You can't have too much money or beauty or too many iOS device cases.")

Apple played this video before Jobs came on: 

Pretty direct lyrics! Only Apple could pull something like that off.

Thanks to Toforyo for this link
He also used the exact phrase I used recently about "antennagate": a storm in a teacup. Meaning "much ado about nothing".


ttl said...

They could easily have gone with just their own bumper "case", which must be really cheap to produce.

Actually, Jobs did say that they have a problem with bumpers in that they can't make them fast enough. So they are sourcing a number of cases from other manufacturers instead.

Whether it's true or not that they can't make enough bumbers, I agree, a classy response in all.

ttl said...

Anyway, my point was that you now get one more case in your iDevice case collection. Happy? :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


Especially since I cancelled the delayed Dodocase. Amongst other reasons, I want more certainty that the "iPad dropping out" problem is either solved or rare.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Apple has this 'kiss my ass' mentality, like many other global corporations.

If you don't like it, bring it back, indeed. They, like other manufacturers, need to TEXT their product before putting it out in the mainstream and letting the paying consumer test it.

They have too much money.
All of them.

toforyo said...

"...need to TEXT their product"

TEXT me an iPhone for me to TEST. No schadenfreude intended [criticnewsletter] I collect typos and I have awarded you Best of the Week, although I understand that for some recipients this is unwelcome attention. Your opening sentence seems to miss the point entirely, but that's a different kettle of fish.

I liked the idea of red electricians tape, flaunted with a certain knowing irony:

Yet another storm in a teacup to distract from the more egregious problems of the world--poor cellphone reception is not something that is much of a concern for the tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to be free after they have had something to eat.

Anonymous said...

toforyo - Yes, you are correct.
It was late and I had phones ringing.
Still no reason not to proofread 100%.

Point taken.

However: I think my opening sentence is right on target. Jobs is CEO of a California corporation, and since I've worked for a number of them, I can can honestly say that they do what my vacuum cleaner does. It's all about money.