Monday, May 10, 2010

Safe disk

Womili tipped us off on this external back-up disk which is fireproof, water-proof, and shock-proof. Sounds like a good idea, and it's actually not as expensive as I would have thought. (For a couple of years, I've had a back-up disk in a fire-safe, accomplishing about the same effect.)
I would like one which is solid-state, but sadly the biggest one is only 250GB, and much more expensive. I need at least a terabyte.
The thing weighs 7 kilos!
I wonder how the heck they have accomplished all that protection, especially against deep water for three days! The thing is not all that large, and it does have openings and plugs.
Here is a kewl video from the BBC of a hard-core testing of this.


Philocalist said...

Nope! No Way!!!
I'm totally, absolutely disillusioned with the idea of using external hard drives as a dependable, reliable source of back-ups, even if the bloody thing can evidently survive a pre-emptive nuclear strike!
Unless the drive itself is foolproof, no amount of external protection is going to help data survive.
I've had TWO go bad on me within 6 months, one from Seagate and another from Buffalo, both of which had been treated with kid gloves.
The Seagate simply died after about 4 months of use, taking with it nearly a Terabyte of backed-up images.
Data recovery software ran solid 24 / 7 for more than 7 days attempting a data recovery, which was ultimately maybe 95%+ successful, the remaining 5% or so are now mixed in with the rest as corrupted images, which I can only weed out manually.
5% sounds like a small number huh?
Try manually weeding out 5% of maybe 800,000 images! Great fun, NOT :-)
A few months later, a new Buffalo drive had me throwing a fit after maybe 3 months usage ... it absolutely point blank refused access to the drive, giving me one single option, of a complete reformat of the drive (and subsequent 100% data loss) ... believe me, I searched high and low for an alternative: there was none. Even the techs at the manufacturers told me that.
Again, a 1 Terabyte drive, almost full ... and what had caused the problem THIS time???
I'd accidentally dislodged the USB cable with my foot during a data transfer (a power outage would have the same effect) ... a couple of files corrupted, zero access to anything (again) and another recovery job to 'enjoy'.
Removable hard drives?
PAH! (Says he, with 5 of the buggers within arms reach!) .... I REALLY want an alternative ... can't wait for big solid-state drives to become the 'norm' and therefor reasonably priced :-)

Tommy said...

"I've had a back-up disk in a fire-safe"

EO, in my studies of this you need to be a little careful with these fire-safes. If it is designed for protecting documents (aka paper), the insulation expels moisture to keep the flash point of the paper down. However this can destroy hard drive media.

You need a safe specifically designed for media storage.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Woa, interesting point, thanks.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Hmmm, looking at mine, though, it seems to be all metal-wall inside. No holes designed to let moisture in, that I can see.

Tommy said...

I'd check with the manufacture to see what the safes purpose is. Better to be safe (no pun intended) than sorry...