Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple Overtakes Microsoft

New King of Technology: Apple Overtakes Microsoft, article.
A little more than a decade ago, Apple, which had pushed out Mr. Jobs in 1985, was widely believed to be on the path to extinction.
Michael S. Dell, the founder and chief executive of Dell computer, went so far as to suggest that Apple should shut itself down and return any money to shareholders. (The computer maker is now worth about a 10th of Apple.) Around the same time, Microsoft’s chief technology officer called Apple “already dead.”

I think all the a-holes who so gleefully proclaimed Apple's imminent death even up to less than ten years ago (and so many times) should be forced to eat the magazine or paper their articles appeared in. And no salt or ketchup either.


Anonymous said...

At the time, it was the only call to make. Based on the available evidence.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes. Up to the point where Jobs came back in 1997 and they made the first iMac. After that it was clear that were no longer talking about a limp, directionless company.

douterse said...

Looks like the rats are deserting the sinking ship:

For an example of post-IOP (ink on paper--is everyone here allowed to invent buttock clenchingly bad acronyms?) journalism at its finest, try the first sentence of that linked article: I know what it says, but that's not what it means, and it's as clumsy and inept as my youngest daughter's text messages. If Reuters has gone down the pan then there is little hope left.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Apple is becoming just like Microsoft. They are trying to really control what you can do with the devices you buy from them.

Squense said...

Apple's time is coming. Right now, they're doing what and and all tech corporations are doing: maximizing the cash potential.

But Apple is still a limp, directionless company - they're just trying to 'i' everything in sight in order to survive.

Next thing we'll hear is iAir, iBreathe, iFart etc....

Their clock ticks like all others.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I would mercifully allow them use of hot chili sauce with those magazines.
LOTS of it! }:-)

iFart, LOL!
Well, iScratch and iBurp, but I don't make worldwide press conferences to brag about it!

Hey, when I'm with my dog, iPat. Now *that's* a clever one. (^_^)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

With summer being here already, I think I'll market a very COOL item: iScream

I bet it'll be a hoot!
(Or a howl. If you've got sensitive iTeeth)

Hey, look carefully: your beverage is served in iGlasses. After you're done drinking, you can use them as sunshades. B-)