Tuesday, April 27, 2010

160 Greatest Arnold bits, and Mifi

160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes, video anthology. Pretty funny.

I found it by clicking on the nearest popular YT video when testing my likkle Mifi gadget. Connecting over the mobile phone net, it can wirelessly feed two computers both showing youtube video with no waiting or stuttering, neato. (Review.)

... Admittedly I need to test it more, because there are some odd little connection issues. Last I used it in town, some sites (Domai) were very fast, and some (like The Online Photographer) took aaaaaages to load, if at all. And today, watching my subscription videos on the pad, I was told "no go". And then I was told that youtube was closed! But when I navigated to Popular videos, those worked fine. Odd.


Ray said...

Arnold is proof of the old saying that anyone can get elected to public office if they get enough fools to vote for them.

I don't know what his last name translates to in English, but I could offer a couple of guesses...

Bronislaus Janulis / Framewright said...

Aww, Ray, Arnold is actually one of the more sensible Rs out there.

The anthology was fun ... he made a lot of movies.