Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DVD to iTunes

How do I get a film or TV show from a DVD to an iPod Touch (or an iPad). I can digitize them using Handbrake, and I imagine the only way of watching them is in iTunes on the little device, but most files I have simply won't play in it, some even refuse to be imported. This goes for both .mov files and .mp4 files.
(Obviously, this ain't piracy, I already paid for the DVD and just want to watch it on the pod/pad, which won't play DVDs, without paying a second time through iTunes.)
Some of them work, but I can't figure out what's the deciding factor.


Jeff R. said...

The iPod (family) will import your movies as .m4v files - which I presume is a generic form of mp4.
I cannot vouch for your platform, but I use the AVS suite of converters for my Windoze® system - with great success.
It is a little tedious making the conversion, but it does look very good on the iPhone.

Don't know if AVS works for Mac, but I would look into it. Its a very good suite of converters and general graphics utilities.

L. P. Baker said...

If you're on Mac I totally recommend iSkysoft iMedia converter -

e-tom said...

...The only catch is that movies have to be transcoded before you can watch them. The Pogoplug does this automatically if you set it up in Preferences....

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

thanks, guys,

iSkysoft iMedia looks promising.