Saturday, October 11, 2008

Charlie Rose

I like Charlie Rose, he is friendly and interested and knowledgeable, and he has some interesting guests, like:

David Bowie

Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates

Scott Adams

The "Daily Llama"


Conan O'Brien

John Travolta

(Some of these interviews begin and end in the middle of things.)

Hey, Conan just said what I've been saying: "we're in a golden era of TV"!

I see that the John Travolta interview, one of the world's most popular actors, has been there over a year, and it's had less than a thousand views! Perhaps this explains the superficial normal talk show format: most people won't sit still for an hour's in-depth talk?

Update: Hunter S Thompson
I think this one mainly shows that if you do lots of drugs, it hurts your mental and vocal abilities.
The second half though has Isabella Rossellini, who wrote a book. She is cute and has a mind. Her face is fantastic, she is one of those women who can pull off a very short hair style.

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