Friday, June 06, 2008

LisaNova and Jenna Elfman

Like I've said, it seems this is the rise of the age of the female comedian. "Comedienne" for short, I guess. Bully for them.

Lisa Donovan Nova plays Ashley Moorehouse, Jenna Elfman plays Shirl Davidson.

"Ashley" interviews Dubya.

Jenna and Lisa in another sketch.

Lisa is a phenom I'd missed. She has over 100,000 subscribers on U-toob. Often funny, pretty hot, and not above using her assets.

I'd missed her because I don't surf around on YouTube that much. Am I the only one who finds it stressing? I quickly get into a mind mode of "find the next good one, the next better one, better, one more, next..." Total sensory overload.

Here's a video interview with Revver's founder about Revver's revenue-sharing program. The cola/mentos guys earned $35k in a couple months. I wonder how U-toob's revenue sharing program is doing?

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