Saturday, November 03, 2007

A contest idea

I was listening to a song by my friend Gemma Gariel, and I was struck once again by the oddity that her music is is not known and enjoyed yet by millions of people. It's truly world class.

So I got the idea to post one of her best songs on YouTube with some kind of video track. Anything. But essentially an Amateur Music Video, I guess.

I'm not likely to get one done myself, but I figured I might make a contest, offering a few hundred dollars to the best AMV made and posted on YouTube. Any ideas for how to do it? (Shouldn't be tough to do, but feedback is always good.)

My two favorites songs of hers, and I might use both, are:
Serenade Me My Little Blue Angel
My Personal Cupid (Just Called Me Collect)


Alex said...

I think you actually did very well. You say...
"Video Contest!
"First Prize $200
"2nd Prize $100
"Runners Up - 12 months subscription to Domai*

All submissions to be WMV or AVI

All submissions become property of...

* Void where prohibited.
Must be 18 or older to redeem Domai Membership prize

you probably want to run that past your lawyer of solicitor. Otherwise you did quite well.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yeah. I think I'll keep Domai out of it, it's not related.

And I'll enter a paragraph about how use of others' copyrighted work, like video game characters or whatever, is disqualifying.

Paul Sunstone said...

She's got a beautiful voice! (yeah, I finally broke down and got a computer that can handle music files.)

Anonymous said...

For maximum exposure you may want to announce your contest on Video Contests and Competition Opportunities, Student Film Makers, or some such place.