Thursday, June 14, 2007

Air Travel

Airlines are suffering because more people want to travel? As some commentators like to say, WTF? I can't see why normal market forces are not handling this? For example, if everybody are fed up with poor service, raise service and prices, and those who are most fed up will go to you.

By the way, whatever happened to the Internet taking the load off commuting and business traveling?

In any case I praise gawd every day that my travel to work is twelve meters. (It used to be three meters, but I have a bigger place now.)


Anonymous said...

You're going to need some time before this adds up to frequent flyer bonuses...

Anonymous said...

There would be an easy way to fix air travel.

1.) Get rid of the ridiculous security checks.
2.) Double the price.
3.) Double the quality of service.

Richard Branson will come out as a winner in this game.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the ridiculous security checks.

I'll second that. For once double T person I agree with you. Bin Laden remains the bad boogieman and everybody trembles especially those under the Bushevic administration. Oh wait, didn't they kill Saddam the 911 guy? Opps, no that was just that bully from Iraq who had ZILCH to do with the attacks.

Anonymous said...

especially those under the Bushevic administration.

LMAO! That was a good one! But truthfully Mr Bush loves the Muslims so much in fact that he sends young men over there to gaurd his 51st state Iraq and his precious oil.
He cares about the people he murders for oil. Although he has never attended any funerals he wants you to know that he does think about them while he is tallying up his take from this masquerade.
Mr Bush we love you so much, we need you like a hurricane needing water.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bush loves the Muslims so much that he drafted a special airplane to rushingly send home every single relative of Osama Bin Laden present in the USA on 9/11/2001, when absolutely no other civil flight was allowed. Heck, they've been good family friends and business partners for generations!
Besides, who in their right mind would suspect a criminal's relatives of knowing any detail that could possibly help the investigation, right? (Not that the investigation mattered much anyway.)

Some popular conspiracy theories in the Middle-East assert (without any proof, naturally), that 9/11 was NOT a surprise to the US regime, who WANTED it to happen and helped plan it (some say with the Mossad), and that Bin Laden cannot be found in Afghanistan because he's working on his tan on some private beach in Florida under FBI close protection. I find this "very slightly" delirious, but some more serious facts are definitely disturbing nevertheless. Rogue Osama WAS one day CIA field agent codenamed "Tim Osmin", financed and trained to be the Soviets' worst nightmare in friendly occupied Afghanistan. And he learned well. ):-P
I'll never under-estimate the lows that politicians can stoop to. Anything remotely plausible is a possibility to be coldly considered.

"Although he has never attended any funerals he wants you to know that he does think about them"

While playing Gulf, I mean, GOLF! "Thank you. Now watch this drive." (Swoosh!)

P.S.: I thought the correct word was "Bullshevic"?

TTL, I regret to inform you that suppressing all security checks (instead of making them simply sensible, efficient, and time-sparing, which is very much possible) might be regarded by some as a slight imprudence. What I mean is, expect a tiny minority to disagree with you there.
May I suggest the Witness Protection Program? (You'll take the chance, I hope, to transmit my greetings to Tim Osmin in case you meet during relocation.)

Speaking of this subject, in spite of the tight security measures at the Beirut International Airport these days (we have some loose islamists in Lebanon), when I went to welcome an arriving relative I managed to pass a big volume of exploding gas with me. Had I brought a lighter for my flatulences, I could have caused some huge damage! They really should rethink their detection devices, it seems they're not very efficient. Booby-trapped shoes are SO amateurish: a terrorist can most easily get his hands on a dozen falafel sandwiches just before going kamikaze on a trans-continental flight.

I think I'd rather abstain.
"Mom? Are we there yet? Which way is Australia?
- Quiet! Save your breath and keep swimming!"