Friday, August 14, 2020

Bill Brandt

Photos by Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt was an intuitive genius, probably the only one I consider to be in the same class as André Kertész and Lee Friedlander.

It is actually amazingly rare for a photographer to make pictorial *art*, rather than documentation. Brandt, even when he was hired to document things, still made fine art out of it.

... One thing I had not thought about: Brandt worked almost exclusively in vertical format, that is also really unusual. 


BHJ said...

In my ignorance (I did study some photography many years ago) The vertical format at least used here increases the depth of the "world" depicted.

The horizontal/landscape shows breath -- there's a lot of of a cotton field here -- whereas the vertical format shows distance; something often missing. Vertical might say -- those fields go on forever into to mists of the morning.

This is very well done and quite interesting.

Eolake, please do some more of this type of study.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

thanks very much.
Interesting point.

I post such occasionally on Facebook, I must remember to also do so more often here on the blog.