Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reasons to go for smaller cameras

This guy tells about why he now has gone to smaller cameras. I particularly like one point I had not heard anybody say before: even for a young person, carrying about many kilos of gear all day can simply be demoralising to the point that you get home with fewer and worse pictures. I feel the same way. I always had a fondness for compact cameras, but these days it's just not fun anymore to use a big camera. Back when the only cameras which had really good quality were big and heavy I had one, but that is years ago.

He also says that the dynamic range (shooting a subject with extreme contrast) is the only reason he held onto full frame for so long, but it's no longer enough.
Oh, he is funny too.


David Evans said...

That's interesting. I have a Lumix micro 4/3 system which I'm quite happy with. I keep being tempted by the Sony A7 and Pentax K1 full frame cameras. If I bought either of them I wouldn't replace the Lumix system completely, because the long lenses would be too heavy and expensive. I might just buy the body and a good standard zoom. Or I might take his advice and not bother.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Ah, thanks David. I was wondering how many would be interested in this subject for real.

I do recommend at least trying the camera first, perhaps rent it for a day.